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Capitalize on our AI mastery to develop robust Action Transformer-led applications. Whether navigating a complex property transaction or scheduling a critical dental visit, our Action Transformer developers are attuned to handle intricate demands and execute them precisely.

Hire Action Transformer Developers


Revolutionize with Action Transformer – Unleashing a Spectrum of Specialized Services

The adept AcT developers, skilled in domains like Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, and Deep Learning, are the bedrock of our commitment to superior development outcomes.

Our team of Action Transformer specialists employs Natural Language Processing and dialogue management systems, such as RASA or Microsoft Bot Framework. The goal? Creating end-to-end conversation agents—think virtual assistants crafted to execute tasks on computer devices based on advanced user commands.

We dig deep into business goals and need to build smart and scalable action transformer-enabled custom solutions. We have a great understanding of tools like PyTorch or TensorFlow and libraries to ensure great outcomes.

With the understanding of the business goals and needs our developers create action transformer-integrated custom solutions. With the thought knowledge of Deep learning frameworks and other tools and tech, we seamlessly integrate enterprise with intelligence.

Continuous Commitment: Performance tracking, model retraining, updates reflecting any changes in the client’s data or demands – the service is complete. Comprehensive monitoring and maintenance ensure that the solutions function at their best.

Chatbots and Digital Intermediaries

Unleashing the potential of natural language processing (NLP), digital intermediaries form a key facet of AIaaS. The functionalities span virtual assistants, automated email responses, and chatbots, enabling enhanced and contextually intelligent communication. Predominantly employed in customer service and marketing sectors, these tools leverage human interactions for evolution and improvement.

APIs in the AI Domain

In AIaaS, APIs empower software applications by integrating advanced AI functionality. This ability to provide software applications with AI enhancements underscores the significance of APIs in the current digital age. These APIs extend their scope to myriad applications. When it comes to computer vision capabilities, functions such as face recognition, object detection, and in-video search are made possible.

Machine Learning Frameworks

While crafting AI models relies heavily on machine learning frameworks, their deployment can often be intricate due to the absence of a comprehensive machine learning operations (MLOps) pipeline. AIaaS solutions, particularly those built on a platform-as-a-service (PaaS) model, come into play. We offer a complete machine learning and deep learning framework suite, promising an integrated MLOps process.

No-Code or Low-Code ML Solutions

Businesses lacking in-house data science expertise or seeking to reduce investment in development tools will find fully managed machine learning services beneficial. Matching machine learning frameworks in terms of functionalities, these solutions do away with the requirement of building proprietary AI models. Falling under the umbrella of AIaaS, these solutions offer pre-built models, customizable templates, and interfaces with no-code or low-code requirements.


Our AI-Powered Projects


Social. An AI-powered one-of-a-kind digital experience curated for sending and receiving letters.

smarteats app work banner

Nutrition. It is an AI based app designed to enable users to add real-time food recognition & typing free food tracking.


Why Engage Action Transformer Specialists at Markovate?

Empower Your Vision – Partner with Action Transformer Specialists at Markowate for Unparalleled Results.

Mastery in Domain

Possessing in-depth experience in crafting AI solutions using the appropriate technology stack across sectors such as finance, healthcare, and logistics, our developers stand as authorities in AI solution creation.

Comprehensive Solution Crafting

Engage Action Transformer specialists from Markowate for all-encompassing AcTsolution creation services. From the birth of an idea to its full deployment, our collaboration ensures that the solution is tailored to meet the singular requirements of the business.

Deployment of Leading Technologies

Our developers are skilled in utilizing state-of-the-art AI frameworks such as TensorFlow, integration and deployment apparatuses like Docker, various programming languages, AI algorithms, and complex neural networks like CNN.

Established History of Success

Having a well-documented history of delivering triumphant AI solutions to various industries, our developers are positioned to furnish top-tier solutions that generate tangible business value.



AI Models that We have Mastered


A powerful language model capable of generating human-like text.


It is a variant of GPT-3 with enhanced performance and larger capacity.


A variant of GPT-3 optimized for generating creative and engaging text.


This smaller variant of GPT-3 is suitable for apps with limited computational resources.


A variant of GPT-3 designed for generating conversational responses.


An improved version of GPT-3, offering enhanced language generation capabilities and performance.


The next iteration of the GPT series, expected to provide even more advanced language generation abilities and improved performance.


A unique AI model capable of generating original images from textual descriptions, allowing for creative image synthesis.


An AI model designed to enhance automatic speech recognition (ASR) systems, improving their accuracy and efficiency.


AI models focused on transforming text or other data into numeric representations, enabling more effective processing and analysis.


AI models developed to assist in content moderation tasks, helping identify and flag potentially inappropriate or harmful content.

Stable Diffusion

An AI model designed for image manipulation tasks, allowing for controlled and stable editing of images while preserving their overall appearance.


AI models developed for recommendation systems, providing personalized suggestions and guidance during a user’s journey or experience.


An AI model specialized in generating creative and coherent storytelling narratives, mimicking the style of human authors.


An AI model focused on language learning and mastery, assisting users in acquiring new languages or improving their linguistic skills.


A versatile AI model designed for visual understanding and perception tasks, enabling machines to interpret and analyze visual data effectively.


Pioneering Action Transformer Innovation – Trust Our Expertise for Cutting-Edge Solutions

Machine Learning Mastery

In machine learning, our team is adept at crafting, instructing, examining, and launching AcT models. We utilize both supervised and unsupervised learning paradigms.

Proficiency in Intent Recognition

Utilizing intent recognition platforms like RASA and Dialogflow, we support the Dialog Management System in discerning user desires and selecting the fitting reply.

Deep Learning Skills

Our team shines in deep learning methodologies, encompassing neural networks, refinement algorithms, and backpropagation, all tailored to create resilient Action Transformer-based applications.

Human Action Recognition Abilities

Our AcT models are augmented with computer vision talents like Human Action Recognition (HAR), which empower the model to comprehend spatial and temporal configurations and categorize human activities from video fragments.

Expertise in Natural Language Processing

Our team skillfully manipulates, segments, and translates natural language information, employing renowned NLP toolkits such as SpaCy, NLTK, and Stanford CoreNLP.

Data Engineering Capabilities

Our expertise extends to handling data engineering apparatus such as ETL routines, data conduits, and databases. These are vital for organizing and supervising data for model training and assessment.

Mastery in Self-Attentional Architecture

Our AI specialists configure the neural network’s blueprint to integrate self-attention strata, utilizing techniques like dot-product attention, additive attention, and multi-head attention. They also train these models on expansive datasets.

Customized Deep Neural Network Solutions

We forge sophisticated, tailor-made AI solutions utilizing deep neural networks with recurrent layers. These are paramount in manipulating sequential data by preserving an internal condition.


Our Action Transformer-powered Systems Development Tech Stack

Our AcT developers recommend the best technology stack to develop perfect AcT-powered solutions for business.

Hire Action Transformer Developers - tech stack
“Markovate has always stood out due to its consistently high professionalism and customer support standards. We recommend them to anyone looking for product development.”

Edward Louis
Director of Technology, Trapeze

“Markovate has helped us build multiple products in the past. We definitely recommend them to anyone looking for product development.”

John D
CEO, Aisle24

“Worked with Rajeev and Mansi both for Hawaii Revealed app development and launch. Excellent people with a thorough understanding of their business. Experts in providing solutions for scalability and product modernization.”

George Thompson
Sr. VP, Hawaii Revealed

“In every sense, working with Markovate has been amazing. The experience & outcomes were excellent from conception to creation & throughout the evolution phase. We are grateful that we could find Markovate to assist us as our mobile application met our expectations.”

Michael Sedigh
CFO, 3M Corporation

“Worked with Markovate and Mansi Takyar for our software launch in Canada. She has excellent business sense and truly added value to our product’s success. We highly recommend Markovate.”

David Singh
VP Strategy and Operations, Kira Talent

“I recommend Markovate to owners looking to design a new product or planning to develop it. Their team is fully skilled in building mobile applications and web solutions. ”

Lucie Lalumiere
President & CEO, Interactive Ontario

Our Proud Clients

Over the past decade, we have developed creative solutions for Fortune 500 companies, small businesses, and technology startups. Check out how we helped them transform their corporate structure.

Action Transformer Developers

What's the expense for hiring Action Transformer developers?

Identifying the expense of recruiting an Action Transformer developer isn’t straightforward, as it fluctuates based on aspects like experience, project intricacy, and engagement duration. What’s promising is competitive pricing structures tailored to each unique situation are available.

How can one ascertain if an Action Transformer developer fits a specific project?

For a project for NLP or language-oriented tasks, an Action Transformer developer from Markowate may be ideal. Their exceptional competence with large data sets, custom model crafting, and NLP integration into existing applications stands out. With a history of handling diverse industrial cases and mastery over necessary tools, frameworks, and libraries, they maintain their edge by continuous training in AI, ML, NLP, and associated areas.

What does the support look like after completion of a project involving Action Transformers?

Continual support and maintenance for projects, including those with Action Transformers, are provided. This encompasses corrections, updates, and various upkeep activities to guarantee uninterrupted operation of Action Transformer-oriented solutions. Consultation services are also extended to maximize the solution’s effectiveness.

What's the common duration for engagement with an Action Transformer development firm?

Engaging with an Action Transformer development firm doesn’t have a one-size-fits-all time frame. Depending on the project’s breadth and intricacy, it could span from a few weeks to several months or even longer. Rest assured, the right engagement length to suit each unique scenario will be assessed and provided.


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