Embeddings As a Service

The expertise we hold in handling different data categories and crafting vector embeddings for a multitude of functions places us at the forefront of delivering optimal and trustworthy embeddings as a service for AI-driven solutions.

Embedding as a service

Unleashing the Power of Vector Embedding: Empowering Your Data to Deliver Insights

Our extensive array of services furnishes us with the capability to manage every requirement, encompassing tailored embedding model creation to the utilization of pre-existing embeddings, along with seamless API integration.

Training We’ll leverage data at hand to create embedding models that resonate with specific language nuances and domain knowledge. Even pre-existing models aren’t out of the question – they can be adjusted to align with specific business requirements, fostering improved precision and operational efficiency in any application.

Integration of our embedding APIs into applications is a breeze, broadening their functional reach. Our vast vector database – a reservoir of word, image, and video embeddings, can be accessed through our APIs. This empowers AI solutions with capabilities such as classification, similarity searches, and clustering.

Equipped with pre-trained word, graph, image, and video embeddings, our offerings can significantly enhance the precision and effectiveness of diverse AI tasks. This makes it an essential toolkit for any enterprise aspiring to incorporate machine learning within their applications.

Our holistic assessment and benchmarking services facilitate determination of embedding quality and performance. This enables identification of potential enhancements, paving the way for optimum performance of the embeddings.

Chatbots and Digital Intermediaries

Unleashing the potential of natural language processing (NLP), digital intermediaries form a key facet of AIaaS. The functionalities span virtual assistants, automated email responses, and chatbots, enabling enhanced and contextually intelligent communication. Predominantly employed in customer service and marketing sectors, these tools leverage human interactions for evolution and improvement.

APIs in the AI Domain

In AIaaS, APIs empower software applications by integrating advanced AI functionality. This ability to provide software applications with AI enhancements underscores the significance of APIs in the current digital age. These APIs extend their scope to myriad applications. When it comes to computer vision capabilities, functions such as face recognition, object detection, and in-video search are made possible.

Machine Learning Frameworks

While crafting AI models relies heavily on machine learning frameworks, their deployment can often be intricate due to the absence of a comprehensive machine learning operations (MLOps) pipeline. AIaaS solutions, particularly those built on a platform-as-a-service (PaaS) model, come into play. We offer a complete machine learning and deep learning framework suite, promising an integrated MLOps process.

No-Code or Low-Code ML Solutions

Businesses lacking in-house data science expertise or seeking to reduce investment in development tools will find fully managed machine learning services beneficial. Matching machine learning frameworks in terms of functionalities, these solutions do away with the requirement of building proprietary AI models. Falling under the umbrella of AIaaS, these solutions offer pre-built models, customizable templates, and interfaces with no-code or low-code requirements.


Our AI & ML-Powered Projects


Social. An ML-powered one-of-a-kind digital experience curated for sending and receiving letters.

smarteats app work banner

Nutrition. It is an AI and ML based app designed to enable users to add real-time food recognition & typing free food tracking.


Types of Vector Embeddings We Have Mastered

Harness the Full Potential of Vector Embeddings: Our Expertise Across Diverse Applications.

Text Embeddings

By employing methods such as Word2Vec and GloVe, we transform textual information into vector formats. This process helps capture the likeness and relationship between words. These text embeddings permit the extraction of both context and essence from textual data, fostering the creation of technology like search engines and recommendation systems.

Video Embeddings

We harness the power of CNNs, RNNs, and other techniques to draw out features from videos and then encapsulate them into a concise form. This results in recognizing essential scenes, objects, and activities within video content. The video embedding service provided here enhances the precision and performance of platforms like video recommendation and captioning systems.

Audio Embeddings

Through analysis of audio signals, the unique elements or aspects such as spectral features and acoustic content are extracted and then converted into audio embeddings. These compact numerical representations of audio signals are adaptable for various applications, such as building speech recognition platforms or music recommendation engines.

Custom Embeddings

Selecting the most fitting embedding model for the data at hand, we train it accordingly to develop custom embeddings specifically tailored to address unique business requirements. This ensures that the custom embeddings emphasize the data’s vital features and patterns, and that they align well with the intended functions.


Our Embeddings as a Service Tech Stack

Our ML developers recommend the best technology stack to develop perfect ML solutions for business.

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About Embeddings As a Service

Can you explain what Embeddings as a Service is all about?

Embeddings as a Service is a little like having a specialized team working just on creating, fine-tuning, and delivering embeddings for specific projects. Whether it’s building from scratch or leveraging existing models, it’s about crafting solutions that empower applications like search engines and recommendation systems. And this isn’t just about technology; it’s about understanding the broader context in which these applications operate and tailoring services to boost functionality. It’s the way businesses bring about smarter, more insightful operations.

Is there an option to get tailored embedding services ?

Absolutely, and it’s an essential question for any business stepping into the world of embedding. Within our suite of services, there’s a rich selection of customizable embedding solutions. Our experienced developers work closely with clients to really understand the nuances of their needs and guide them in picking just the right fit. It’s all about aligning technology with unique business goals.

Can you break down what vector databases are?

Sure thing! Think of vector databases as these highly specialized storage systems designed with vector data in mind. They come into play in fields like machine learning and natural language processing where the stakes are high for managing complex data. What sets them apart? They leverage smart techniques like k-d trees, LSH, and FAISS to perform at scale. And yes, Pinecone, Qdrant, Weaviate, and Chroma are among the big names here.

How to integrate embeddings into an application? How does that work?

We’ve built APIs that speak the language developers understand. It’s a little like giving them the keys to a specialized toolbox, allowing them to request data embeddings in friendly formats like JSON or XML. It’s all about bridging the technical with the accessible.


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