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Transform your BFSI operations with next-gen AI capabilities. Execute real-time credit assessments, fraud detection, and customer personalization effortlessly.

Our tailored AI algorithms are optimized for secure, efficient, and robust financial management. Set your business apart in a competitive market by offering smarter, faster, and more reliable fintech AI development services.

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Finance AI development


Fintech AI App Development

Revamp the fintech landscape with our custom AI-driven app development, crafted to simplify complex financial processes for businesses and consumers alike. Our dedicated team is passionate about developing applications that facilitate seamless transactions and adhere to stringent regulatory standards for ultimate data protection. Utilize AI for advanced fraud detection, real-time risk assessment, and personalized financial advisory services. Our custom-built fintech solutions ensure secure, swift, and smart management of financial operations, bringing trust and innovation to your financial services. Elevate Fintech – Securely, Efficiently, Effectively.

Streamline payments and transactions like never before. Our custom-built AI-based Wallet Apps use predictive analytics and security algorithms to provide users with a fast, secure, and efficient payment experience. Benefit from enhanced fraud detection, user-behavior analysis, and data-driven insights.

Forget the hassle of manual entries and time-consuming audits. We build Accounting Apps utilizing machine learning algorithms to automate data entry, manage payables and receivables, and provide real-time financial insights. Smart auditing features can flag inconsistencies, helping your team address issues before they escalate.

Conquer the complexity of tax season effortlessly. Our tailor-made Tax Preparation Apps leverage AI to simplify tax code interpretation, automate filing, and ensure compliance. Personalized algorithms guide users through deductions and credits, maximizing returns while minimizing errors.

Optimize underwriting, claims processing, and customer engagement with our custom-built AI-driven Insurance Apps. Implement AI-powered risk assessment models, smart contract validation, and personalized policy suggestions to set a new industry standard in customer satisfaction and operational efficiency.

Navigate the complexities of financial markets with our AI-powered Finance Apps. We utilize machine learning to drive investment strategies, predictive analytics for market trends, and NLP for real-time news and sentiment analysis. Stay ahead of the curve with AI that learns and adapts to changing market dynamics.

Ready to bring your tailored AI solution to life? We are a leading fintech AI company, and our team of seasoned developers specializes in leveraging the power of AI to solve complex financial problems. Hire not just developers; but your strategic partners in crafting AI solutions that will revolutionize your financial ecosystem.

Telemedicine Apps

Markovate is at the vanguard of this technological revolution altering how patients obtain medical treatment. Virtual consultations are made possible through video conferencing, enabling patients to obtain medical advice, diagnosis, and treatment plans while relaxing in their own homes.

  • Patient’s Dashboard
  • Doctors Catalogue
  • Appointment Management
  • Video/Audio/Text consultation
  • Geolocation
  • E-prescription

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Electronic Health Record (EHR) Apps

We develop EHR & EMR apps that enhance interoperability, shave time off clinical processes, and enhance doctor-patient interaction. We also deliver mhealth app development services that let patients and healthcare professionals track patient data, exchange healthcare information, and more.

  • Automated scheduling
  • Payment processing and statement generation
  • Smart prescriptions
  • Data tagging and segmentation
  • Schedule management
  • Recording capabilities

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Medical Appointments and Scheduling Apps

We provide specialized medical appointments and scheduling apps to match the unique requirements of each healthcare practitioner. Medical appointment and scheduling apps can assist healthcare professionals in streamlining their workflow, boosting patient happiness, and ultimately generating more business by offering a convenient and user-friendly experience.

  • Online appointment booking
  • Appointment reminders
  • Multiple location support
  • Secure patient login
  • Online payment options
  • Appointment history tracking

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Prescription Management Apps

We streamline the prescription process, improve patient health outcomes, and give healthcare professionals a more effective approach to handling prescription data with our state-of-the-art prescription management app development service.

  • Real-time communication
  • Prescription history
  • Secure authentication
  • Cloud-based Infrastructure
  • Data Backup and Recovery

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Laboratory Information Management Apps

We develop scalable and flexible LIMS systems to monitor laboratory storage and inventory, protocol executions, data integrity, and security. Developers build LIMS software to support protocols and workflows, collecting essential data from testing to storage.

  • Test order management
  • Test result management
  • Electronic test requisition
  • Test result reporting
  • Secure authentication
  • Workflow management

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Hire Developers

Hire developers to build healthcare apps integrated with slashing technologies and cutting-edge architectures so that you can concentrate on increasing the efficiency of your business.

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Our AI-Powered Fintech Projects

LegalAlly - AI development services

Legal AI Assistant . Powered by advanced natural language processing models and decision trees, LegalAlly provides expert legal guidance, simplifies complex workflows, and ensures a smooth user experience. Case Study


dApps. A peer to peer marketplace for goods, for digital goods, allowing users to buy, sell and auction NFTs and crypto collectibles. Case Study

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Our End-to-End Process for Fintech AI Development

Our trusted and well-established process ensures a smooth transition to AI, minimizing disruptions while maximizing outcomes.

Intelligent Need Analysis

Your fintech journey with us starts with a precise AI-assisted evaluation of your existing systems and challenges. Leveraging machine learning algorithms, our expert analysts probe your current bottlenecks to offer tailored technological solutions that drive fast and impactful resolutions. Outcome: Customized software requirements, a well-structured project plan, and a strategic roadmap.

AI-Infused Workshops & Preparation

To align your business objectives with our expertise, we organize AI-integrated workshops. Whether your focus is on UI/UX, technical specifications, or strategic orientation, our specialized teams employ AI tools for predictive analysis to foresee potential roadblocks. The outcome is a comprehensive understanding of your needs—translating into critical project documentation, refined wireframes, and compiled development prerequisites.

Adaptive Design & Development

Depending on your chosen solution, we employ AI algorithms to optimize backend architecture, design paradigms, and development speed. With adaptive learning models, we ensure the product evolves in real-time, making the development phase as agile as it is efficient.

Robust Testing

Once development is done, we deploy AI-powered testing mechanisms—both manual and automated—to rigorously evaluate the software’s resilience and performance. Tools like SonarQube are deployed alongside machine learning algorithms for code review, ensuring that the quality metrics align with predetermined KPIs established early in the project lifecycle.

Intelligent Deployment

Final deployment isn’t just a client-side task; it’s a partnership. We employ AI analytics to audit your operational environment, identifying any gaps or technical insufficiencies that could impede deployment. You receive a proactive list of recommendations to address these issues, ensuring a seamless launch.

Deployment and Ongoing Support

Once we’re confident that the AI models meet or exceed industry standards, we integrate them fully into your healthcare environment. But our relationship doesn’t end at deployment. We offer ongoing support and maintenance, continually updating the AI models to adapt to new data and healthcare practices.

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